Bamboo Flooring

What Are the Pros and Cons of Bamboo Flooring?

Bamboo has emerged as an outstanding option for building homes, and this includes the flooring needs. For a lot of people who aim to go green, bamboo flooring is a great flooring alternative.

However, this kind of floor isn’t for all people. You have to be aware of the following considerations when it comes to this Sydney bamboo flooring option.We are the best bamboo flooring in North Sydney.

Bamboo Flooring Pros

Bamboo is known for being renewable. There are those varieties that can grow up to one foot a day.

It’s because of this growth rate that bamboo is often considered as highly renewable. This is in particular when compared to hardwood trees that can take up to 100 years for them to mature.

A lot of people have not really realised how durable bamboo is. It is exceptionally harder compared to hardwoods that are used for flooring purposes.

The truth is that you can find some species of bamboo that has hardness rating that is double that of the red oak. It has always been highly rated than the maple tree.

One other important characteristic of bamboo is its being moisture resistant; it is a wonderful feature to consider. Bamboo thrives primarily in tropical locations; hence it is resistant to spills.

Contrary to what many believe, bamboo flooring in Sydney is an excellent flooring alternative for kitchens and bathrooms. In both areas, traditional hardwoods can cause a host of problems.

Bamboo floors in Sydney are quite easy to maintain by the time they are installed. You can do regular sweeping or vacuuming just to remove dirt and dust from it for the floor to look brand-new again.

Furthermore, you might want to consider damp mopping the floors at weekly intervals.

And also you may need to discover that bamboo can be quite comfortable on one’s soles. Even of bamboo composition can be more durable than the hardwood options, bamboo can be easier on one’s body.

Bamboo Flooring Cons

Just like everything else on earth, bamboo floor Sydney also has its set of disadvantages. It’s important for the homeowner to be aware of them in order to come up with an intelligent decision.

Bamboo is primarily grown and also harvested in China. It means that those who intend to use them for floors should find a way to ship the bamboos from China.

This could mean shipping great distances. Today there are already homegrown bamboos in the US and in many places so this is less likely a problem now.

We are the best flooring company in North Sydney.You have to be cautious in choosing your manufacturer of cheap bamboo flooring in Sydney. Some of them manufacture bamboo that has high level of VOCs or volatile organic compounds.

VOCs have adverse effects to indoor air quality. It can cause a lot of health problems to the inhabitants if this is not avoided.

You have to check the MSDS sheets coming from the manufacturer since this is where VOC information is documented.

Bamboo flooring also comes with a wide variety of quality levels. This requires you to scrutinise your options well or else you might end up with a less durable type.


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