Timber Flooring

How to Have the Best Timber Flooring for Your Home

We are the best in timber flooring here in Sydney.It can be tricky to choose the flooring option for your home. You have to scour through the pros and cons of each one from hardwood to ceramic tiles to bamboo and many others. But if you happen to be looking for flooring that’s durable, low maintenance, and elegant, you won’t go wrong with timber flooring. One more thing you have to know about timber flooring in Sydney is its anti-allergic features which will ensure that your floor won’t be a health hazard to you and your family. Given all these benefits of timber, it now boils down to the kind of timber flooring that you choose for your home.

  • Choose the right timber grade.

The standard grade timber is a great choice if you intend to have a natural-looking floor. The smooth feel of the standard grade timber floor on your soles is quite an appeal on its own. If you like the Sydney timber flooring to be creative and really stylish, you can go for the character grade timber. There are also engineered timber flooring in Sydney as well as the recycled timber flooring.

  • Choose the colour you want for your timber floors in Sydney.

The colour of the floor should go well with the general theme and look of the room. Usually for timber flooring, there are three main colours to choose from: brown, red, and cream. Pick one that appeals most to your sense of aesthetics.

  • Choose the right technical properties for the timber flooring you use.

You have to be aware of the technical properties that are found in the type of timber you like to use for your floor. You have to check on the level of durability and hardness of the timber you prefer to use for flooring. This will help you ensure that your floor can prevent bacterial attacks and can withstand temperature and humidity changes and that the floor can last for a long time.

  • Find out the appropriate amount of timber that will be used.

Remember that timber has to be cut and modified for them to fit your home’s floor perfectly. Every time timber is cut, it includes wastage. For you to reduce this wastage, you have to know the specific amount of timber you need.

  • Choose the preferred board size of timber.We are the best flooring company in Sydney.

You can find several alternative board sizes for solid timber flooring in Sydney. Such board sizes are classified according to width, thickness, length, and other structural properties. You have to carefully choose one that best suits your requirements and preferences. You can ask the advice of a professional flooring contractor if you’re not familiar with these.

  • Choose the attractive finish for your timber flooring.

To lend sophistication and elegance to your timber flooring, you have to choose the right finishing. The more popular ones are the gloss and semi-gloss finishes which can be quite appealing to the eyes. The satin finish is also another favourite option by homeowners.

  • Protect the timber floor with rugs and carpets.

You can place rugs and carpet on the timber floor to prevent it from being scratched. You have to be careful when moving heavy furniture. The right curtains and drapes have to be used as well to protect the floor from direct sunlight.