Vinyl Flooring

Being Aware Of Vinyl Flooring Options

We provide the best vinyl flooring in Sydney.When it comes to overhauling the look of your home, the most important consideration is budget. Flooring may be the most costly among the elements that you spend to upgrade the current look of your home.

This is why there are some people who rather focus on furniture and cheap paintings to have a different look for their home. When it comes to today’s flooring options, there is in fact a solution to the budget challenge.

Commercial vinyl flooring in Sydney is gaining popularity as this can hit two birds with one stone. It’s not only budget-friendly; it is also capable of maintaining the elegant look of your home’s floor.

But before you choose the vinyl flooring in Sydney that you like to use, make sure to weigh the pros and cons of every option you have.


  • Price

Whether it is vinyl plank flooring Sydney or vinyl floor tiles Sydney you choose, the prices of these can go well with the toughest budgets of home owners. This means that you can make use of your budget on other elements of the interior design.

  • Installation

It’s possible to install vinyl flooring anywhere you want it. It’s usual to use vinyl sheets and tiles on whatever existing floor a home has. This means a lot of savings from the installation fee which can make up a large part of the cost. You need not spend more on the sub floors as well as taking out the existing floor.

  • Sturdiness

You can be certain that vinyl flooring can last even in areas with high moisture level like the bathroom and kitchen. Vinyl tiles however are better not used in bathrooms; it’ll be better to use real tiles instead. Vinyl flooring is great for those who have children and pets in the house.

  • Appearance

Vinyl craftsmen have already mastered their artistry. That’s why vinyl tiles and planks look like real ones that you can hardly tell which is which. You can expect its look to improve every year.


  • None Authentic Texture

No matter how it looks real, it still doesn’t have the real feel. It can feel too plastic or too sticky to some people. This can be a turnoff for those who like walking around the house barefoot.

  • Not Good for Tiles and Solid Surfaces

The vinyl sheet can work on the floor of any of your home’s rooms. However, the vinyl tile is not good for the bathroom. Since it is high moisture environment, it’s probable for water to slip through the cracks of the vinyl tile which can cause swelling and discolouration.We are the best flooring company in Sydney.

This particular concern is however resolved by waterproof vinyl which doesn’t absorb water. This type of vinyl has fewer joints compared to the vinyl tile. This means that there are fewer areas in which water and dirt can accumulate.

  • Less Durable

No matter what they say vinyl flooring may still be not as durable as the original materials. It is also susceptible to sustainability issues.

  • Lowers Home Value

Vinyl can lower the value of a home. It can never be like the original stone wood, or tiles.